I am so excited to introduce a dream come true! Patricia Avenue's little sister company called BARBERY Alpaca Accessories, focusing on only Alpaca Natural Fiber accessories of the highest artisan yarn and knitting expertise!


Custom Made Possibilities


Love ALPACA yarn?

All handmade accessories in my collection can be custom made with endless possibilities! Choose a different color of yarn, adjust the size, or even modify the design to make it your very own!  Free quote with no commitment is just an email away! info@patriciaavenue.com


Welcome to my small business!

My name is Patricia Barbery-Chabanne, stay at home mom and small business owner of Patricia Avenue since 2008. My one-of-a-kind scarves, hats, gloves, ponchos & more are proudly 100% hand-crocheted and hand-knitted, just for you. ​

Thanks for your visit!

- Patricia, Knitter & Designer